_dsc3246-med-resOperation Enduring Warrior a 100% volunteer organization composed of current and former members of the military. Athletes who don the mask have each gone through a rigorous selection process known as “Warrior INDOC”. This process is composed of fundraising as well as a 48-hour physical and mental endurance component where candidates will don the mask and complete a series of challenges under the close supervision of team members. Upon completion, candidates may then be invited to join the ranks of the Team.

We also rely heavily on our OEW Community Ambassadors. These are selfless men and women who have chosen to take up the banner of our cause to honor, empower and motivate wounded veterans by both fundraising on behalf of the team, as well as completing a variety of athletic events in our Team shirt (please, NO gas masks). Often these athletes will run alongside the Team at events and they are invaluable to the success of our mission.

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If you would like to sign up as an OCA (OEW Community Ambassador), please visit enduringwarrior.kintera.org and click on Community Ambassador Registration. Registered OEW Community Ambassadors are then eligible to join our closed Facebook OCA group. Please email info@enduringwarrior.org for instructions on how to join.

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Operation Enduring Warrior is not affiliated with Team X-T.R.E.M.E.