OEW Community Ambassadors (OCAs)

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OCAs are volunteer supporters who wish to assist in raising awareness and donations for OEW through spreading the word, participating in local community events wearing OEW branded gear and promoting our cause through social media outlets.

The OCAs were established to give everyone across the country the opportunity to personally support our nation’s wounded service members and their families. While only our Masked Athlete Team assist our wounded veterans on the athletic field, all of our OCAs can assist in the community!

OCAs support is crucial to the success of our mission. Our compassionate Community Ambassadors take the time and initiative to host and compete in athletic events, spread awareness and help with fundraising from individuals or organizations. While fundraising can be challenging, Community Ambassadors do it in a variety of creative ways, and they usually have fun in the process!

By rallying communities in support of OEW, Community Ambassadors show our wounded service members that they are not forgotten. The funding and awareness that is raised by Community Ambassadors is an integral part of the support OEW needs to accomplish its mission.

Whether you are participating in your first event, or are a seasoned athlete, or are acting as a volunteer in one of many ways, your efforts can make a difference in the quality of life for our wounded service members!

Check our Facebook page for updates and events where the OEW Team calls all existing and aspiring Community Ambassadors to join us in our mission to, “Honor, Empower and Motivate” our nation’s wounded service members.

Click here to Join the OCA Community!

Follow the link above to create a fundraising link supporting OEW. Donations are not mandatory but of course every bit helps our mission further!

Once you have a page set up, we’ll get you access to the OCA Facebook Group where you can communicate with us and learn about all we do!