Athletic events with our OEW Team Athletes offer wounded veterans the opportunity to physically challenge themselves through overcoming seemingly insurmountable feats.

OEW Team Athletes, Community Ambassadors and Veteran supporters join alongside our Adaptive Athletes in a variety of physically challenging events. In addition, we encourage our Community Ambassadors to lead independent events in an effort to help raise awareness of OEW.


Our Warrior’s Voice program is designed to create interaction between wounded veterans and the community. We send our heroes to public speaking courses in order to increase their comfort level with engaging large crowds and have a new skill they can use for their rest of their lives. Our wounded veterans can then engage in public speaking opportunities with schools, community and veteran groups, corporations, news outlets, and other charitable organizations.

Skydiving for Wounded Veterans

OEW Skydive is one of our training and adventure programs designed to honor, empower, and motivate our nation’s wounded veterans. The mission of OEW Skydive is to facilitate skydiving for wounded veterans, from initial training through to the achievement of their USPA A-license certification. Skydiving for wounded veterans offers an unparalleled sense of freedom of flight and offers endless mental, physical, and emotional rehabilitative solutions in what can feel like a completely new dimension in their lives. The training takes place in a wind tunnel and often becomes a lifelong hobby.


We provide and safely facilitate veteran adventure programs for wounded veterans to enjoy inspiring experiences, such as surfing, scuba diving, hunting, hiking, camping, mountain climbing and adventure trips.


With the Veteran Outreach program, OEW Team Members and Community Ambassadors visit key recovery and rehabilitation facilities to share our experiences as a means to inspire hope and build a larger sense of community. Visits may include locations such as Walter Reed Hospital, military bases, and VAs, where members of OEW get to know wounded veterans personally and offer them opportunities to participate with OEW.

Each holiday season we hold Warrior Christmas. During this annual event OEW Team Members, Community Ambassadors, and volunteers gather to go to Walter Reed and other hospitals to give Christmas Stockings to wounded veterans.