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Raffle – A Fundraising Success Story!

By July 19, 2016 No Comments

Fundraising is an important part of making sure we can HONOR, EMPOWER, and MOTIVATE our veterans. All of our team members, from the Vice Presidents to the Community Ambassadors, help fundraise.  Through their creativity and hard work, we have had some fun and successful events! One current event is a raffle for an AR-15. Team member Brian Ugalde took some time to provide us with a rundown on this fundraiser. Hopefully, it will help jumpstart ideas for your own fundraising event!


This summer, Operation Enduring Warrior started selling raffle tickets for an AR-15. I joined up to start selling the tickets on July 5, and I knew I wanted to ask a buddy of mine to help. Darren Taylor owns a local supplement shop in Fredericksburg called Total Performance Nutrition (TPN), and has been a big supporter of OEW. Darren is a veteran himself, and a lot of his customers are military.

Through his connections, we were able to set up displays at his store and the local American Family Fitness and CrossFit 12Gauge. Matthew Spencer, one of our OCAs and my right-hand man the Fredericksburg area, we set up on Tuesday, July 12 at TPN. We used the time at TPN to test out some setups and pitch techniques that we would use later that evening. Heather Hudson, TPN employee, and Darren did a wonderful job of making sure their customers stopped by our table. We also had a side raffle that really caught people’s attention. We had a successful eight sales during our time there.

Later that day, we set up at American Family Fitness (AFF) for their Vendor Night. Josh Harpster, another OCA, joined us for the night. Having the third man really helped, as it allowed two people to talk to AFF members as I did the paperwork. The spot we chose was great: along the right side of the lobby past the membership desk, at the bottom of the stairs and near the entrance to the bathroom, while being next to an entire section of various cardio machines. Thanks to the bathroom nearby, our location had the most opportunity for foot traffic as we could catch people heading there prior to their workout, or coming out of their at the end of their workout. Visibility can make all the difference in public selling, which was what our mission was. We sold twelve tickets onsite, with an additional eighteen tickets through Facebook and Messenger communications! The day was marvelously successful with thirty-eight tickets being sold.

On Friday night, Matthew and I set up at the Stafford location of TPN, targeting the evening crowd. The side raffle seemed to work for the Tuesday raffle event, so we decided to do another side raffle for two days. Matthew’s younger brother, Stephan also joined us for a while. While it was a little slower than the day before, we still managed to sell four tickets and got to practice our elevator speeches even more.

Saturday morning, we set up at Crossfit 12Gauge in Fredericksburg. Edward Williams, another OCA near the Fredericksburg area joined Matthew and I. 12Gauge was one of the hosting gyms for the Girls Gone Rx competition, which benefited Bright Pink, a foundation dedicated to fighting breast cancer. There were sixteen all-female teams of three competing in WODs through the morning and afternoon. We were able to see tickets to athletes, volunteers, spectators, and even the other vendors.  We came out with fourteen tickets from attendees plus sixteen more over Facebook. By the 8pm side raffle deadline, we had sold thirty-six tickets for the day!


From Tuesday, July 12 to Saturday, July 16, 91 tickets for the raffle were sold!  This put us in a great position to sell all 500 available tickets for the AR-15 raffle. As of this writing, nearly 400 have been sold. I cannot thank Darren and the Total Performance Nutrition team enough for all their support last week.  You better believe we are working together more in the future. Additionally, anyone who is military, law enforcement, or firefighter always gets 10% off at his stores. Check out some of the products at their website www.totalperformancenutrition.biz


If you want to purchase tickets for the AR-15, they are $20 each and you have until July 30. Contact Brian Ugalde at b.ugalde@enduringwarrior.org or VP of Fundraising Ray Liberto at r.liberto@enduringwarrior.org to coordinate payment.