Kelly Mcinally, Outreach Program Manager

Kelly Mcinally is currently an Active Duty Senior NCO in the United States Army. She joined the Army at the age of 17, in 2000. Kelly has served in various leadership positions including Warrior Leader Course Instructor, Drill Sergeant, Senior Small Group Leader for the Senior Leader Course, and Sexual Assault Response Coordinator. She has deployed to areas including Afghanistan and Iraq. As a current communications NCO she continues to strive for the most effective means of communication. Along with her experience and knowledge from the Army, Kelly also holds a B.A. in Criminal Justice from Hawaii Pacific University, Victim Advocate certification from the University of Georgia and also holds the professional credential of Certified Grant Writer from the American Grant Writers Association.

Kelly began her charity work with Operation Enduring Warrior in 2015 as a Community Ambassador, and previously served as the Southeastern Regional Coordinator. She continues to provide volunteerism to OEW and also volunteers as a victim advocate. Volunteering continues to provide purpose and passion to her life.



Dale Haines, Southwest Regional Outreach Coordinator

Dale is a United States Marine Corps veteran. He enlisted in the Marines in 1988 for Security Forces, and served as an original member of the Marine Detachment and plank owner of the Iowa Class Battle Ship USS Wisconsin. While serving, Dale deployed to the Middle East for Desert Shield and Desert Storm. He earned the rank of Corporal, and was honorably discharged in 1992.

Dale’s drive to serve is rooted in family service dating to the Revolutionary War. He is a second-generation Marine; his dad having served as a Marine in Vietnam. Dale’s oldest son is currently active duty in the Marine Corps.

“I joined OEW in 2012, looking for something. I did not know what at the time, but I needed to find it. Since then, with and as a part of OEW, I have done everything I can to learn about issues veterans face, and help them succeed. Many of those veterans, like I had, face their issues alone after separation from service, by choice or simply not knowing where to turn. OEW has helped me, as much as I could ever hope, to help others, and I preach to other veterans they MUST find their new mission. It is vital for veterans specifically to find their mission, to fulfill that sense of purpose and need to be a part of something bigger than themselves. They need to find an organization or group of like-minded people with shared experiences, one such as OEW, to plug into. OEW has done that for me and more. This is something I could never repay, but can only try to pay forward.”



Brian Ugalde, Mid-Atlantic Outreach Coordinator

Brian’s work for Operation Enduring Warrior is dedicated to Sgt. Eric Hunter, a wounded veteran he met in May 2013.  The warrior outreach and visits to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center that Brian has contributed was only possible because of the selfless assistance of Eric and his wife, Kenna, while Eric was a patient.  It is this that Brian credits his promotion onto OEW staff, and his roles as a Regional Outreach Coordinator and Adaptive Athlete Liaison.

Brian has been with OEW since early 2013 and became a Team Member in January 2014, continuing to be an active fundraiser for the organization.  Located in Fredericksburg, VA, he has worked with numerous local businesses- restaurants, fitness centers, retailers, and races to name a few.  In 2008, he graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Illustration, Drawing, and Visual Studies.  Currently, he works for F.H. Furr Plumbing, Heating, Air Conditioning & Electrical, putting his art background to use as a retail Lead Generator.  He takes his job experiences talking to people inside the stores into his OEW outreach and fundraising work, creating local partnerships and communicating with potential candidates into the Adaptive Athlete program.

In all he does, he makes every push to put the warrior first.  Not being as much an “athlete” as many others within the organization, Brian has had to be more creative in his efforts to bring awareness and financial support to the organization.   3-legged races and “Learning to Unicycle” videos are just a few ways Brian illustrates the struggles our wounded service members face, endure, and overcome.  Each effort is a fundraiser and they are all appreciated by OEW’s Adaptive Athletes, particularly those Brian has grown personal relationships with over the years.

I have never been thanked by our wounded veterans for pushing harder for them at races.  But, they have always thanked me for my involvement with OEW and fundraising.  Fundraising is easy when compared to losing body parts in combat and learning to overcome those wounds.  Sometimes it takes guts or a lot of stress to make it happen, but it will always be worth it.  My ability to help OEW support our wounded veterans is only because of Eric Hunter.  Being part of Eric’s family and journey enables me to better understand the struggles and do better for our heroes.